March 7, 2011

Writer's Backpack: Things Every Writer Needs When They Go Out

There have probably been countless times when you went out and discovered that you had a magnificent writing idea. But then, you searched your pockets for something to write on, and no! Your pen was out of ink at the time! You tried very hard to remember your idea, but when you got home after the event, you forgot all about it. The Writer's Backpack is the way to never let this happen again! The Writer's Backpack is a list of things you need every time you go out so you won't have to forget an idea ever again! There are three variations to this list - the basic, the intermediate, and the expert. The intermediate is recommended for everyone. The basic is when you're unable to carry around a backpack, like a fancy party. The expert is a substitute for the intermediate, but costs a hefty amount more.
Let's start with the Intermediate List:

  • Backpack - In order to successfully go through this list, you need something you can pick up easily whenever you're going out, almost like an emergency equipment backpack, except you'll be picking it up a lot more. If backpack's don't fit with your fashion, use something else that's moderately big such as a tote bag. You need to be able to fit a few things inside of here.
  • Three Notebooks - Why three, you may ask? One is for jots of notes, another is for ideas [for blog posts and the relative] and the third is for that book I know you're writing, or an idea for a new book. I highly recommend this as a minimum. Don't try to cut down.
  • Three Pens - You never know when your trusty pen will run out of ink! Preferably ballpoint, you never know when your pen will run out of ink or get jammed! Three is a minimum, and if you choose the right type of pen, they're not very hard to carry around. I suggest those cheap ones at Staples or OfficeMax.
  • eReader - As writers, we are finding less and less time to read, though it is very important. If you do not own an eReader - go buy one for it's portability! Either that, or you can replace this with the current novel you are reading. You may find some spare time when your friend is driving the car or you're waiting for your morning coffee. 
  • Anything Else You Think is Necessary! - This is my list (along with some personal stuff), so add your own stuff to the list and add them to your backpack!
Now, there comes a time when you can't lug around your backpack full of notebooks and pens. So, here is the bare minimum that you must take with you everywhere. (By everywhere, I mean everywhere.)
  • Cell Phone - Cell Phones now have the capability to take notes, which you can use as any of the above (except a lot shorter). If you have an old cell phone that has no texting (shame on you!), you can go to the audio recorder, go to the restroom, and talk to yourself!
  • Pen - There is such a thing as writing on napkins when you are very desperate!
Finally, here comes the expert package. The things included in here replace all of the above and have added advantages such as research at some times [like when you have WiFi]. Here is the list:
  • Netbook - Netbooks are smaller than laptops and are small enough to carry around. You don't need to have as much space or power as a laptop as a writer, so netbooks are perfect for us! We can install Word or OpenOffice on it, and write away whenever we can. We can also read with the Kindle Computer App or anything relative. 
  • Car Charger - The only disadvantage to the expert package is the need to charge quite oftenly. Though, if you get a car charger, this can get resolved easily.
Remember to get your Writer's Backpack ready as soon as possible!

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